Treat yourself

Amazon Juices is locally owned and operated, brought to you by Cafe Brasil. Well known throughout the Santa Cruz for their fresh fruit juices & healthy delicious Brazilian-inspired dishes, we are excited to introduce these new dining options to the east side.

Amazon Juices not only serves cold-pressed juices, smoothies and shakes from the freshest exotic fruits, but also offers a wide range of popular healthy breakfast and lunch options.

Whether you're on your way to the beach or just in need of a healthy refreshment or meal on the go. Amazon Juices has quality offerings that are sure to satisfy your cravings.

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The most fresh and pure juice that you can drink. The high-pressure process of cold pressing fruits leaves the enzymes, nutrients & taste intact, giving your body the most of what it needs.


Amazon Juices offers a vast  selection of fresh pressed fruit & veggie juices, as well as smoothies and shakes. Customize your own or choose one of our most popular refreshing amazon-inspired beverages.

HEALTHy Food on the go

Feeling hungry? Check out our wide range of delicious and healthy breakfast and lunch plates. A perfect quick and easy meal that will leave you satisfied and ready to take on the rest of your day.